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    ICG-PFUR admits applicants to a postgraduate course (for 3 years) to receive an advanced academic degree – PhD in Physics and Mathematics awarded by the State Supreme Certification Commission).

    An area of specialization is “Theoretical Physics” (course code – 01.04.02).


    Phone for inquiries about postgraduate admissions: 8-915-071-65-14 (Michael Fil’chenkov)


     БИЛЕТЫ вступительного экзамена по специальности

    БИЛЕТЫ вступительного экзамена по философии 


    In September 2009 PhD Yu.P. Laptev  postgraduate student ESICG defended his thesis.

    The thesis subject: “Gravitaionally bound quantum systems with leptons and mesons”.

    Supervisor:  Prof. A.P. Yefremov, director of ESIGC, PFUR.



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